A full day Nationally Recognised & Certified Continued Professional Development Course.

Awarding 11 points CPD training. Recognised CPD Certificates Awarded on Completion.

The next course is to be held in Southend on sea in September 2024. Dates to be confirmed and once your register your interest, we'll be in touch with the exact details.


The Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Course offers a practical and realistic approach to personal safety and self-defence. Taught by two of the country's leading specialists , this course provides essential skills and knowledge to enhance your awareness of your surroundings and your natural survival instincts. You'll learn how to identify and respond to potential threats more quickly and effectively, ensuring better protection for yourself and your loved ones.


The Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Course will open your eyes. A no-nonsense, realistic approach to personal safety and self defence. Taught by two of the countries leading subject matter experts.

You will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to become more aware, not only of your surroundings but also of your own natural survival instincts.

All enabling you to become more situationally aware, recognising and dealing with a potential threat quicker and more effectively to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Self-defence isn't about standing toe to toe with an attacker and fighting. It's about avoiding danger or using practical techniques to protect yourself when avoidance is not an option, allowing you to escape the threat as quickly as possible. It’s not about the fancy, elaborate, over-technical moves often seen in movies and on social media.

Numerous scientific studies and pressure tests have proven that the most commonly taught techniques fail under duress. In this course, you will learn why understanding our natural physiological reactions in high-stress situations is essential, as these reactions affect our performance and capabilities.

You will learn functional and realistic defensive techniques against both armed and unarmed aggressors, understand the real dangers of edged weapons, become familiar with UK laws governing the use of force, and know your legal rights to defend yourself and your loved ones, and much more.



The course is split into seven modules:

Introduction, Awareness, Spatial Focus, Principles and Regulations, Physical Foundations, Edged Weapons Awareness, and Physical Training.

Each module contains vital information needed to avoid or physically deal with a threat.

*Introduction* - During the introduction, you will learn about your instructors, their backgrounds, experience, and qualifications. You’ll also find out what you can expect to learn from the course overall.

*Awareness* - In the awareness module, we will teach you about situational awareness, the fight or flight response, why people are targeted, how to be street smart, and the crime triangle.

*Spatial Focus* - This module will show you the relationship between personal space and violence, seven ways to increase your personal safety and awareness, personal zones, body language, communication, and essential de-escalation techniques.

*Principles and Regulations* - Here, you will learn about the laws governing the use of physical force in the UK, Article 2 of the Human Rights Act, and what is considered reasonable force.

*Physical Foundations* - This segment covers Guthrie's Law, Hick's Law, the principles of self-defence, functional self-defence, heart rate vs motor skills, human anatomy, the body’s vulnerable parts, and Sean's eight basic rules for street self-defence. These foundations will help you in high-pressure and life-threatening situations.

*Edged Weapons Awareness* - This module focuses on the nature of edged weapons, the characteristics of edged weapon attacks, knife attack statistics, videos and imagery of knife attacks, bystander apathy, and functional defence against edged weapons.

*Physical Training* - This final module involves demonstrating, discussing, and practising functional techniques to defend against common street attacks, both armed and unarmed.



The second half of the course will focus on the physical aspects of self-defence. We will discuss, demonstrate, and practise realistic and functional defensive techniques against the most common armed and unarmed attacks you might face in everyday life.

This is a rare opportunity to be trained by some of the most elite and experienced soldiers in the world. With a combined experience of over 60 years, both Sean and Ginge will share their wealth of knowledge and teach you techniques that are easy to understand and have been pressure tested in real hostile situations, proving they work when needed.


Ginge Johnson served 18 years in the British Army, 13 of which he spent in the SAS (Special Air Service). During this time, he developed a wide range of skills, including Counter-Terrorism, Situational Awareness, Close Quarter Combat, Close Protection and Self Defence. He has operated in virtually every hostile environment on earth

Ginge joined the private sector in 1990 and has worked for a number of Governments, World leaders & private security companies operating as a security consultant utilising his skills learned in the special forces. Ginge has become recognised as one of the leading experts in the field of close protection and corporate security.

Richard 'Ginge' Johnson SAS Veteran & Security Consultant


Sean Gallagher Personal Safety & Self Defence Specialist


Sean Gallagher, is a distinguished specialist in Close Protection, Personal Safety, and Self-Defence. With over 29 years as a full-time Close Protection Officer and 35 years in Self-Defence, Martial Arts, and Combatives, Sean brings a wealth of real-world experience and expertise to this course.

Sean is the founder of Avictus Training Ltd, a premier personal safety training company serving clients across the UK and Europe. His extensive career includes safeguarding high-profile celebrities and business executives in some of the world's most challenging environments. This background has refined his ability to deliver impactful training on situational awareness, personal safety, and practical self-defence techniques.

Sean is the author and designer of nationally recognized CPD-certified courses in Self-Defence, Situational Awareness, Personal Safety, and Edged Weapons Awareness. His advanced instructor accreditations span Self-Defence, Physical Intervention, Conflict Management, and the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA). These credentials are endorsed by esteemed bodies such as the National Federation for Personal Safety, the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA), and the British Combat Association (BCA).

Beyond his instructional prowess, Sean holds national awards in Education & Training, is a registered Close Protection (Bodyguard) Instructor, and possesses national certifications in the Recognition of Firearms & Explosives (RFX). His contributions to Self-Defence, Combatives, and Martial Arts have earned him a place in the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Sean also holds diplomas in Fitness and Personal Training, further underscoring his commitment to comprehensive personal safety and well-being.

Join Sean as he imparts his extensive knowledge and skills, ensuring you gain invaluable insights and practical techniques to enhance your personal safety.



BTEC Level 3 Instructor in Self Defence, Physical Intervention, Handcuffing, Conflict Management and Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression Instructor with the National Federation of Personal Safety - Self Defence, Martial Arts, Physical Intervention & Unarmed Combat Instructor with the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association - Unarmed Combat Instructor with the British Combat Association - Highfields L3 SIA Close Protection (Bodyguard) Instructor - recognised by the Black Belt hall of fame - L3 Diploma in Fitness & Personal Training - Firearms Instructor - L3 Award in Education & Training - Certified Civil Aviation & Government Department of Transport Instructor in  the Recognition of Firearms & Explosives.


All candidates will receive two certificates, the first from Avictus, signed by both instructors, the second from The Association of Continued Professional Development - Both certificates will be proof of your attendance on the Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Course and the CPD points earned.

Avictus Personal Safety Certificates

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The next course is to be held in Southend on sea in September 2024. Dates to be confirmed. Please register your interest and we will be in touch with the exact dates

Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Course

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